Gamma Sapiens™ - Intellectual gamma radiation detector


  • Who performs warranty and post-warranty repair of Gamma Sapiens detector?

    Warranty and post-warranty repair is done only by the manufacturer. In case of breakdown send the detector for repair to the following address:

    PE “SPPE “Sparing-Vist Center”
    33 Volodymyr Velyky Str., Lviv, 79026, Ukraine
    tel.: +38 032 242 1515, fax: +38 032 242 2015

  • Can I use Gamma Sapiens detector to measure radiation emitted by the cell phones?

    No, you can’t. Cell phones emanate electromagnetic radiation of radiofrequency range, while Gamma Sapiens measures ionizing radiation.

  • How can I sense radiation?

    It is impossible to sense radiation. You can find out about its level only by using radiation measurement instruments.

  • Is Gamma Sapiens detector harmful to health?

    No, it isn’t. The detector contains no radioactive elements and is not hazardous to health during the use.

  • What is Gamma Sapiens warranty period?

    The detector is under 2-years (free) warranty servicing from the date of purchase.

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